SLAC Draft Minutes and Presentations

See below for the draft minutes and presentations from the last Superintendent Lay Advisory Council (SLAC) meeting.

Superintendent’s Lay Advisory Council Meeting

November 11, 2022

Dr. Robin Felty, Superintendent
Nikita Nunemacher (Brecht), Chairperson
Caryl Buffa (HS), Secretary
Becky Harper (HS)
Laura Miller (HS)
Jill Speizer (HS)
Renee Suydam (HS)
Kristen Haase (MS)
Torie Hermann (MS)
Denise Rosario (MS)
Jen Riley (MS)
Jessica Kahler (LRIS)
Holly Stockwell (LRIS)
Jackie Wachinski (LRIS)
Mike King (Brecht)
Cynthia Brooks (Bucher)
Jadie Catania (Bucher)
Franchesca Sudduth (Bucher)
Rachel Levine (Neff)
Meredith Steidler (Neff)

Nancy Izquieta (Nitrauer)
Jenine Nicholas (Nitrauer)
Danielle Schmehl (Nitrauer)
Carolyn Garneau (Reidenbaugh)
Melissa Grosh (Reidenbaugh)
Madison South (Reidenbaugh)
Anu Varadarajan (Schaeffer)
Herlie Velez (Schaeffer)

Members Absent:
Meghan Ryan-Keller (LRIS)
Abby Fiorentino (Brecht)
Kisha Johnson (Neff) – with regrets
Becky Trayers (Schaeffer)

Guests: Dr. Dale Reimann, Dr. Sharon Schaefer, Jessica O’Gorman

Call to Order
 Meeting began at 6:32 pm.
I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Approval of the September 2022 Meeting Minutes
III. MT School Community Demographics & State Assessment Data
 Demographics
 5,939 students in District, up 18 from last year
 Grades 8, 9,10 are largest, 10 th is largest in district
 Manheim Township growth 1.3%, highest in county.
 Question was asked about fluctuation and if baseline was pre

 Manheim Township is expected continue to grow. An outside
vendor is coming in to examine growth and effect on budget.
 Data breakdowns are available and presented to NorthStar to
help with identification but not for this presentation.
 Question with the growth of Reidenbaugh zoning and if there is
concern for change – this will be addressed by consulting firm
mentioned above.
 State Assessment
 PSSA: English & Math grades 3 & 8; Science grades 4 & 8
 Keystone after specific classes: Algebra, Biology, Literature
 Expecting incremental growth from students, data from 21-22
showed rebound
 PVAAS – PA Value Added Assessment System; measures growth
standard over time.
 PSSA is achievement at a specific date.
 Question about 3 rd & 4 th grade Math dip, are you expecting them
to catch up.
 Opt outs may affect data, some who take Keystones for Algebra
opt-out for PSSA.
 PA Future Ready Index will be released soon and data will be
broken out by school.

IV. PTO Sharing PTO Sharing – Reflections & Questions
 Main Campus traffic during student arrival and departure
 Concern about the accidents and parents not using approved
pickup/drop off areas.
 Kids get out before get to the car at middle school and walk in
areas not designated.
 Middle School & High School Drop off parents speed through and
do not stop at signs.
 In the morning, have kids walking, buses turning in and parents
who are agitated when others stop to give right of way to
 Arena Drive has poor lighting in the mornings, when it is darker.
Possibly reflective markers could help.
 Landis Run for parents who may pick up early and line to wait is
extremely long. Option for visibility to help since parents have 2
 Bible2School Program and religious programs occurring after school
 At September SLAC meeting Bible2School was discussed. If PTOs
have feedback and concerns they can be directed to Dr. Felty or
SLAC member Meredith Steidler.
 It is a protected program under school law section 11.21. Any
religious release program which parents provide permission the

student can leave with the adult in charge of the program. There
is a limit on the hours and during lunch so students eat there.
 The school district does not spend any more on transportation.
 Bible2School is in our district but other districts have other
 Will gather information to see what other programs are offered
throughout the state.
 Good News Bible Club – after hours, religious based was always
at Nitrauer and tried to start at Brecht but didn’t get started.
 13 sessions 90 minutes long. It isn’t a release program, but due
to state equal access act district must make available to other
 Hopperville at Reidenbaugh
 PTO concern that Hopperville is a Literacy program and asked to
incorporate into after hours PTO events. Hooperville Book Store
and Nitrauer Book Nook were donated books and opportunity
was given to students to come in.
 Guidelines for District to approve books coming into library but
not same vetting for books that are donated.
 The concern is that taking it out of the school hours it excludes
those who don’t have parents can take them after hours.
 Social Workers can work with families who have trouble
attending after hour programs.
 Looking at different ways so that parents are doing the vetting of
the books the students are getting since they are donated and
do not go through same standards as books found in our school
 Landis Run, Middle School and High School are participating in a
book drive for Holiday Shop, for families who need through
Friends of Rachel.
 Incident at High School
 Majority of students were dismissed.
 Administration and police were present and there was no one
was in danger.
 Communication would have been appreciated since lack of
information makes many assume worse quicker.
 Brecht is having International Night on Thursday at 6:30pm
 High School is performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream this
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

 Meeting ended at 9:05 PM, without a motion

Minutes will be updated on District Website

Remaining 2022-23 Meetings all Zoom



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